MacDonogh Giles, After the Reich - From the Liberation of Vienna to the Berlin Airlift

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In 1945 Germany was a nation in tatters. Swathes of its population were despairing, homeless, bombed-out and on the move. After the Reich tells the story of its bitter journey to reconstruction through the varied experiences of all who found themselves in the German melting pot. Giles MacDonogh’s people-focused narrative unveils shocking truths about how the Allies continued to treat the Germans, even beyond the confines of war. “A Superb book written by a sympathetic writer in perfect control of his often dreadful material” - History Today. “Not only a fascinating story but a unique and valuable historical document” – New York Review of Books.




Giles MacDonogh (born 1955, London) is a British writer, historian and translator. He was educated at the City of London School and Balliol College, Oxford, where he read modern history. He later carried out historical research at the École pratique des hautes études in Paris. MacDonogh is the author of fourteen books, chiefly about German history. He has also written about gastronomy and wine. MacDonogh has worked as a journalist, most notably for the Financial Times (1988–2003), where he covered food, drink and a variety of other subjects. He has also contributed to most of the other important British newspapers, including The Times


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Teoksen nimi After the Reich - From the Liberation of Vienna to the Berlin Airlift
Tekijä MacDonogh, Giles
Kieli Englanti (in English)
Kustantaja/Julkaisija ja julkaisupaikka John Murray Publishers Ltd, Lontoo
Julkaisuvuosi, alkuperäinen 2007
Painos, painopaikka ja -vuosi 1. painos (nidottu versio), Clays Ltd, St. Ives plc, Englanti 2008
Sivumäärä 618 sivua
Alkuperämaa Iso-Britannia
ISBN 978-0-7195-6766-7
Korkeus / cm 19,8 cm
Leveys / cm 13 cm
Paksuus / cm 4,2 cm
Paino / g 443 g
Kuntoluokka (ja -kuvaus) K3
Sidonta Nidottu (pehmeäkantinen), kuvakansi
Koodi AK0917

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